The Great Whitsunday Fun Race (2013)

Event Details

  • Sat 17 Aug 2013, 11:00am - 2:00pm
Whitsunday Sailing Club, Airlie Point
Airlie Beach, QLD, 4802


It isn't called the 'The Great Whitsunday Fun Race' for nothing. The 2013 race was held on Saturday, August 17, the day after Airlie Beach Race Week, allowing serious sailors to let their hair down with the locals and enjoy a day of fun!

The race is a large triangle course in the bay, but it so much more than a race. Due to the antics between Torres Herald and Dahlia on that first race, it is now part of the day to dress up boats and crews and have a Miss Figurehead on the bow at the finish.

With 10 different divisions, serious racers and casual cruisers participated in this fun filled afternoon, and once the race was done, there were the traditional water fights that occur between the boats.

80 yachts were on the waterand all had fun. Next year we want to make the race bigger and better, so come along and join in.

The history

What started as a bet for a bottle of rum in 1977, has become one of the iconic sailing events in Australia. When Torres Herald and Dalhia set off across Pioneer Bay in 1977 for a grudge race, little did they realise they had begun a tradition that is still going.