The Mutiny Rum Great Whitsunday Fun Race

Event Details

  • Sat 5 Sep 2015 (All day)
Whitsunday Sailing Club
Airlie Point
Airlie Beach, QLD, 4802


Purely an entertaining event, The Mutiny Rum Great Whitsunday Fun Race is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy themselves in the colourful and vibrant atmosphere on the water. Dress your boat and crew up!!

The race is a large triangle course in the bay, but it so much more than a race. Due to the antics between Torres Herald and Dahlia on that first race, it is now part of the day to dress up boats and crews and have a Miss Figurehead on the bow at the finish.  Once the race is finished, there's the traditional water fight between the boats!

Entry details

This year’s Fun Race will be held on Saturday 5th September 2015.  There will be 5 divisions in total:

Division 1  Monohulls, over 40 ft, racing and cruising

Division 2  Monohulls, 30 - 40 ft, racing and cruising

Division 3  Monohulls, under 30 ft, racing and cruising

Division 4  Multihulls, racing and cruising

Division 5  Gaffers, luggers and classic designs.

First start, Division 1, will be at 12 noon with subsequent divisions starting at 5 minute intervals.

Entries from 5pm Friday 4th September at Whitsunday Sailing Club.  Entry fee is $20 per boat and includes a race plaque.

Pirates with loaded cannons gather on Airlie Horizon

Sails set and water cannons firing.  Loudly shouted ahrr’s and fierce competition for dominance.  Storming of the beaches and partying late into the night. No it’s not an invasion; it’s the Great Whitsunday Fun Race!

For 38 years the Whitsunday Sailing Club has played host to this iconic and unique fun race around Pioneer Bay and the legendary after party that follows.  On Saturday September 5th it will all happen again and the whole Community is invited to take up the challenge.

This year Mutiny and Rum will be two words synonymous with the event.  Rum has long been associated with the life of seafarers whilst mutiny...well that has other connotations but put the two together and mount them in a trophy and you have the prize for this year’s Mutiny Rum Great Whitsunday Fun Race.

Fun Race has its roots in rivalry and rum dating back to 1976 when rival charter yachts Dahlia & Torres Herald challenged one another in a race from South Mole Island back to Airlie Beach.

Torres Herald took the prize. You guessed it, a bottle of rum, but under protest from Dahlia who asserted that the noise, propeller-wash and exhaust fumes associated with the use of an “iron headsail” had contributed to the Herald’s win.

The gauntlet was thrown down again for the following year, this time with a race around Pioneer Bay as the field of battle. Torres Herald sported a carved figurehead of a topless nymph on its bow, claiming this to be a decisive advantage.  Not to be outdone, Dahlia crossed the line with a rather well endowed figure head of its own, in the form of a local devotee to the sport.

Once again, the tradition lives on and the Great Whitsunday Fun Race Miss Figurehead completion is now intrinsic to the event.

Fun Race is just that, a day of fun on Pioneer Bay followed by some carousing and camaraderie at the Whitsunday Sailing Club.