Music: Barbary Coasters

Event Details

  • Sun 26 Aug 2012, 3:00pm
Whitsunday Sailing Club, Airlie Point


We're sorry to have had to postpone our regular Bob's Open Mike Night this August due to our hectic August schedule around Telcoinabox Airlie Race Week. However, as a special treat for all our loyal followers and fans, we have the Barbary Coasters back in Airlie Beach!

Barbary Coasters (Nikki Lowmass & Vance Fahey) are one of North Queensland's longest running musical partnerships, formed in 1988 and named after the infamous Barbary Coast waterfront of early Cairns. In their many years delighting the crowd, they have established a large and loyal following of 'Parrotheads' - fans of the music of Jimmy Buffett, whose songs portray the utopian tropical lifestyle of boats, bars and beaches - who now flock to what have become sell-out events known as Parrothead Parties. Barbary Coasters regularly tour the Parrothead event across a growing number of venues along the Queensland coast!

The band's ability to draw from a wide variety of musical styles ensure something for almost any taste - classics from the best of rock & country to smooth ballads or a rollicking Irish tune or Reggae or maybe a hint of Blues, there is one thing for sure - Barbary Coasters will keep you entertained with both their music and humour!